Victor Galeano

Víctor Galeano

Víctor Galeano is a photographer and visual artist, cofounder and director of the Baudó Public Agency, an in-depth investigative media portal . He works using images as a personal and collective communication tool and as new visual narratives. His work is framed within the scope of Human rights and the environment. His work has appeared in media such as Lensculture, El Malpensante magazine, SOHO Magazine, Semana Magazine, Semana Regional Specials, Avianca magazine, Vice Colombia, Diagonal España, USA, Fusion USA, Univisión USA and others.

Victor has won several awards and acknowledgements for his work. He won the Dejusticia Award 2016, was a finalist for the Gabriel García Márquez Image award in 2016, won the Círculo de Periodistas de Bogotá Award in 2016 (CRESPIAL), the Intangible Latin American Cultural Heritage Award (PCI) in 2012 and was a finalist for the XI International Indigenous People Film Festival in the Photography category in 2013. 

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